Welcome to www.davidsonscales.com. This page presents the Carroll-Davidson Generalized Anxiety Scale, along with many of the other anxiety scales developed by Dr. Jonathan Davidson and his colleagues. These scales are as follows:

  1. The Carroll-Davidson Generalized Anxiety Scale (CDGAD)
  2. The Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CDRISC)
  3. The Social Phobia Inventory (SPIN) and three-item Mini-SPIN screener for social phobia
  4. The Short PTSD Rating Instrument Observer (SPRINT-OBS) and Self-Rated (SPRINT-SR)
  5. The Davidson Trauma Scale (DTS)
  6. The four-item Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Screening Scale (SPAN)
  7. The Homeopathic Constitutional Type Questionnaire (CTQ)

Use the links in the menu above to learn more about each of the anxiety scales.

The generalized anxiety scale CDGAD can be downloaded at no cost. It is available in three forms: (i) as a measure of GAD severity by symptom count in English, Spanish-European and Spanish-American wording, (ii) in the form of a DSM-5 algorithm corresponding to diagnostic criteria, and (iii) as a user guide.

The other Davidson anxiety scales can be obtained after a user agreement has been signed. User fees may apply.

If you are looking for the CDRISC scale, information about it can be found at www.cd-risc.com.