Access to and Use of the CTQ

To learn more about the Constitutional Type Questionnaire (CTQ©), you can read the published paper in the British Homeopathic Journal:

The CTQ constitutional remedies scale is included in the Appendix of van Haselen’s paper in the BHJ, and consists of 152 statements.

The CTQ scale is copyright, and is available for use at no cost from the Van Haselen reference.

Users will need to format the constitutional remedies scale according to their needs from its appearance in the BHJ. This will be according to whether they wish to create a hard copy or electronic version, and to incorporate the directions at the top with respect to answering items. They will also need to add whatever identifying or coding information may be needed. Item wording and response choices may not be changed, and copyright attribution (© Jonathan Davidson and Peter Fisher, 2000) should be attached. Any questions about the scale can be addressed to

To learn more about the CTQ, navigate to the following pages on the site: